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This page allows downloading of other papers and reports by Andrew Daly which may be relevant to modelling in general and particularly using ALOGIT.


Initial files describe work I did with Stan Zachary in the mid 70’s.


Commuters' Values of Time: a 1975 LGORU report introducing the use of random utility to measure willingness to pay, discussing model formulation and estimation procedures (using maximum likelihood), setting up and estimating a random parameter model and the confidence limits for its parameters and applying these to estimate value of travel time.


Improved Multiple Choice Models (compressed file): the original 1976 conference paper establishing the consistency of tree logit with RUM. This does not include the proof of Zachary's seminal theorem, which was published much later.


Zero Fares report: the 1977 report of a study to estimate the impact of ‘zero fares’ public transport travel, including analysis methods for missing data, a very early sample enumeration application (perhaps the first) and a model of car ownership depending on transport times and costs.


Zero Fares appendices (compressed file): the Appendices to the Zero Fares report, giving technical details.


Huddersfield waiting time report: A 1977 report describing data collection and analysis of waiting times for buses in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) in 1974.


Other papers will be added in due course