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ALOGIT is provided subject to the Conditions for Acceptance listed here.


Prices 2016-2017


price (in Euro) (current user discounts)


Months 1-12

Months 13-24

Months 25-36



80 €/mo

60 €/mo

40 €/mo

2000 €


120 €/mo

90 €/mo

60 €/mo

3000 €


ALOGIT 4.3 and 4.3EC are sold on a site and time limited licence, with an initial minimum licence of six months.  Licences are available at varying lengths, and can be renewed after a lapse without additional costs above the monthly rate.  All licences become perpetual after 36 months of active life.  The perpetual licence price includes a small discount on the 36 months.  Additional licences within the same company/institute or on the same site are available at 30% of the full price.


To order software, please send a message, by mail, fax or e-mail, stating clearly which software you would like to purchase and indicating your explicit agreement to the Conditions for Acceptance. The message must include a clear address and name of sender, and when applicable a specific address to send the invoice to.  ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd. will then send an invoice and the software will be shipped to you, normally by Dropbox or a similar service, after payment has been received.  Alternative delivery procedures are possible, but may involve additional costs for courier services etc..  For updates a simplified procedure is possible, please contact us.


Conditions for Acceptance of ALOGIT

ALOGIT is provided under the following conditions, which form part of the contract of sale. In accepting the program, the purchaser agrees to be bound by these conditions.

1.     The program is not copy-protected and the user may make copies for back-up purposes or to transfer to other media (e.g. hard disks).

2.     The single copy price of ALOGIT applies for use on a single processor at any one time.  Additional licences (or a multi-user licence) for parallel use on multiple processors within the same organisation can be purchased at 30% of the normal price for each additional licence or user. 

3.     The purchaser shall not provide copies of ALOGIT to any third party, and shall take reasonable steps to prevent acquisition of the program by third parties, other than by purchase from ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd..

4.     The programs are provided ‘as is’.  ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd. can take no responsibility for costs incurred because of any faults or other unexpected performance of the programs.  However, efforts will be made to correct faults, and ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd. is grateful to receive reports of errors or suggestions for improvements.  Purchasers will be supplied with corrected or improved versions of software at the discretion of ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd. or as provided for under maintenance and update agreements.

5.     ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd. will provide free of charge up to two hour's advice on the use of ALOGIT, troubleshooting etc., by e-mail.  Further advice can be provided at normal consulting rates.  This help-desk does not include advice on modelling or detailed support regarding the theory of discrete choice analysis.

6.     The purchaser of a time-limited licence shall not attempt to use the program after the expiry of the licence.


Upgrade discounts for current users of ALOGIT 3.8: 10% discount for upgrading to 4.3.

Perpetual licence ALOGIT 4 or 4EC upgrade to similar 4.3 version: 80% discount

Perpetual licence ALOGIT 4.2 upgrade to similar 4.3 version: no charge